Precisely Our People: Meet Nate Korkowski

Precisely Our People

Meet Nate Korkowski

What is a company without its employees? Who would be there to help customers? To build products? To pack and ship replacement parts? At Kern Laser Systems, we don’t like to imagine a world without employees. After all, most of the work we do just needs that special touch. It needs the kind of attention that can only come from people who are passionate and knowledgeable. You know, people like Nate Korkowski

Nate joined our team in 2006 as a machinist. He was responsible for building parts and sub-assemblies for our laser systems. Over the years, Nate progressed to building machines and helping our customers as a Laser Technician.

Nate’s ability to communicate openly and honestly with customers, answer their questions, and go the extra mile brought him to his current role in sales. 


For many of our customers, investing in a Kern laser system is a significant business decision, and with that can come a lot of questions. As a salesperson, Nate believes in going above and beyond to help our customers make the best decision for them and their business.

“For me it’s important when somebody’s looking to buy a machine that I do everything I can, whether it’s cutting samples or making them videos, just letting them know that they can be confident that the machine they buy is going to do the job they need to be doing.” 

And even though Nate no longer works in tech support, he’s more than willing to help customers who call in with technical issues. After all, why bother transferring the call if you have everything you need to help?

“If somebody has a problem or a tech support question, they can just call me. Typically, I can help them right away and they don’t have to go through the tech support guys. It’s just nice when it’s one call and you get your quick answer, fix it and you’re done.”


Nate will be the first person to tell you if a Kern laser system isn’t your best option. Sure, we’re in the business of making and selling lasers, but if the needs of a customer don’t quite fit with what our systems have to offer, we find it’s best to be upfront and honest about it. 

For many new customers, learning that multiple CO2 lasers in the Kern lineup can cut metal is a welcoming surprise. It’s a level of versatility you don’t find everywhere. Luckily, we have knowledgeable and friendly salespeople, like Nate, guiding our customers and helping them find the laser system to meet their needs. 

Thank you, Nate, for being a part of the Kern Laser Systems family and for all you do to help our customers! 

Precisely Our People: Meet Jeremy Hagen

Precisely Our People

Meet Jeremy Hagen

Without a doubt, one of the things that makes Kern Laser Systems special, is our employees. The pride they have in their work, and the work ethic that they show up with, day in and day out, is unmatched. Our laser systems are powerful and industrial-grade, but they don’t have anything on our employees. As I’ve mentioned before, I might be a bit biased, but we have some of the best people around. Today, you’re invited to meet Jeremy Hagen and learn why he is precisely our people.  

Jeremy joined Kern Laser Systems in 2014, and since then, he’s been an integral part of the team. He’s a hard worker who knows what it means to put in an honest day’s work and take pride in production. 

“When I get to work, I work. I don’t mess around, I get straight to it, I do quality work. I always say, I’m pretty much building a Ferrari, so in my eyes, you take care of it like a Ferrari.” 


At our facility in Wadena, MN, Jeremy builds Kern laser systems from the ground up. He is the one bringing all the materials and components together to create the large-format laser systems in the Kern lineup.

“I build the machines from the ground up. I get a bare stand, I get all my materials, and I start to go to work. And when I’m done, we got a full machine.”


To say Jeremy knows these machines from the inside out doesn’t even capture the skill, expertise, and passion he pours into every system. 

“They’re very, very well-made industrial products. They can take abuse, and they don’t need much upkeep, really.”


The fact that Kern Laser Systems is a family business doesn’t end with the people with the last name Kern. The family business—and the family values we believe in—extend to our employees and to our customers as well. 

“I can’t say enough good things about the Kerns. They are amazing people, and they’re very family oriented. If you need something to do with your family or something’s going on, they’re like, ‘No problem. Go. Go deal with your family.’” 

Kern Laser Systems wouldn’t be the company it is today without our employees. We believe they deserve respect and care, and we believe that well taken care of employees are going to turn around and put care into their work, with customers and with equipment. 

And as you saw in the video, working at Kern Laser Systems is a family affair for the Hagen family as well! Jeremy’s brother and his father, Keith, are also members of the team. 

“I really like working here. I could’ve found jobs, but it’s so nice. They treat their employees so well. They’re super flexible, they’re understanding. I ain’t going nowhere.” 

Thank you, Jeremy, for sharing your insights and experiences and for helping us grow. We appreciate you and all of your hard work!

Precisely Our People: Meet Mark Haataja

Precisely Our People

Meet Mark Haataja

It shouldn’t be a secret that what makes a company great is its people. Products are designed and created by people and services are provided by people. Now, we may be a bit biased, but here at Kern Laser Systems, we have some of the best people around. Our team members, at every level of the organization, make direct contributions to Kern’s success as a company. They are precisely our people, and we want you to meet them. Watch this video to meet Mark Hataaja, Vice President at Kern Laser Systems.

Mark joined our team as a Machinist and Laser Technician in September of 1997. Since then, he’s held numerous roles throughout the company, including Product Development, Sales, Research and Development Manager and his current title, Vice President. So, when Mark says he’s learned the laser industry from the bottom up, he means it. 

“Putting machines together, fixing machines, providing tech support, research and development. Everything.”


Mark’s time with Kern has granted him a front row seat to the growth and evolution of Kern and the laser industry as a whole.

When he first began, Kern Laser Systems offered a single laser system in various sizes. Over the years, Kern’s offerings have grown to include six laser systems, all with different standards, capabilities and target markets. 

“Because of customer demands, we’ve been innovative, make changes. Customers will ask for certain things on the machines. More speed, more throughput. Now Kern has multiple laser systems, each focused to a certain market.” 


Mark is a testament to Kern’s focus on caring for customers and employees. Kern knows that when your employees are well taken care of, they’re going to ensure the customers are taken care of too. 

“Kern takes care of their customer, and it’s been the same way here as an employee. The Kern family is always taking care of us as employees.” 

Beyond Kern’s product line, it is their ability to care for and support customers that truly sets them apart.  

“That’s what sets us apart, our setting the customer first. Our level of support surpasses any other company in this industry.” 

Thank you, Mark, for sharing your insights and expertise with our company and our customers all these years!