Laser Safety

Laser Safety Training

Creating a safe and healthy working environment should be a top priority when implementing any piece of industrial machinery.

A portion of Kern’s training program is dedicated to safety protocols that should be practiced to ensure a safe working environment. Two very important safety tips are: always wear laser safety glasses, and ensure the vacuum system is working to effectively remove fumes that may be created from the lasering process. Material Safety Data Sheets should be reviewed any time a new material is to be processed.

Kern laser systems are equipped with various safety measures which will keep the operator and others working around the machine safe. Highlighted below are just a few of these safety features.

Safety Features
UL Certified Laser
CDRH Certified Laser
CE Certified Laser

CO2 Laser Wavelength = 10,600 nm = Infrared Radiant Energy(SAFE)

CO2 Laser Wavelength Spectrum

A common question asked by our customers is “Do Kern laser systems give off radiation, and if so, is it safe?”. The above chart will help to answer this question. Many household appliances like microwaves, radiators and TV’s give off safe levels of radiation. CO2 Lasers also fall into the “safe” category as they are an infrared wavelength (10,600 nm). Studies dating back to 1948 show infrared radiant energy is not considered harmful.