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prePrinted Material

Preprinted Material

Acrylic, wood and metal are common materials that are preprinted onto and cut to shape with the help of the K-Vision camera registration system.

The k-vision camera registration package is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that allows for accurate cutting of preprinted materials. This process starts with a nozzle mounted camera which automatically measures the dimensions between registration marks on preprinted materials.

The system then uses these measurements and the registration marks of the original cutting file to compensate for distortion and rotation. The slight adjustments that k-vision makes to the cutting file results in a perfectly matched cutout in the material being processed. The entire camera system can be easily removed and stored in a protective box when not in use. The k-vision option is compatible with the entire Kern laser system lineup.

One of Kern’s sales associates created a nice blog on vision technology titled, “How a Vision Camera Laser Attachment Can Be a Gamechanger“.

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Benefits to using a Laser System

Cut Optimizer. Decrease your programming time by letting KCAM automatically determine the fastest cut order for your most complicated designs.

Time Estimator. Provide accurate pricing to your customers by knowing the amount of laser processing time before the product even makes it to the laser bed.

Tool Offset. A simple inside/outside offset can be set to compensate for the laser beam kerf. This results in precisely sized parts without modification of your original part drawings.

Customized Pierce Settings. The dwell time, laser power, frequency, focus point and air flow can be set independently from your normal cut settings. This feature ensures metals are cut clean with minimal to no dross.

Air Control. Compressed shop air, oxygen or nitrogen can be hooked up to the laser system for optimal processing results on a variety of laserable materials.

Vector Path Speed Control. KCAM mimics a race car by slowing the cutting speed into sharp corners and accelerating out of them. The result is smooth, consistent cutting with the tap of your mouse.

Laser Printer Driver. An easy to use Laser Printer Driver links KCAM to commonly used design software such as CorelDRAW® and AutoCAD LT®.

Vision Registration System. K-Vision is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your laser cutting table into an advanced digital finishing system.

G-CODE capable. Are you used to programming with GCODES ? No problem! KCAM’s built in GCODE converter allows you to continue working with your preferred CAM software to generate .NC files that are loaded directly into KCAM.

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