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Pipe and Tube Laser Rotary

A pipe rotary attachment can be added to most Kern laser systems for processing of pipes, tubes, rods and other cylindrical items. The rotary device is driven by a high-resolution servo motor, resulting in smooth and accurate cutting performance. Two different rotary setups are available to choose from.

The Chuck Rotary setup implements a lathe chuck to firmly secure the pipe in place. A tail stock is pushed up against the opposite end to keep the pipe rotating on center as it cuts. The tail-stock can be adjusted on a rail for different lengths of pipe. Adjustments to the rotary chuck can be made to accommodate pipes with a diameter up to 6 inches. The pipe cutting device is commonly used by manufacturers of exhausts, large filters and pipe joints.

Alternatively, the Wheel Rotary device which uses rollers to spin a cylindrical item, allowing engravings to wrap around the entire outside surface. There is no chuck and tail stock holding the ends of the product, allowing the laser head full access to the extents of the cylindrical item. This rotary is ideal for engraving applications that require the entire surface of the product to be engraved. Adjustable rollers can be positioned to accommodate a variety of different sized products. Common applications for the Wheel Rotary are walking sticks, canes and flash flights.

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