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About Kern Lasers


Kern Laser Systems was founded in 1982 by Gerald Kern, with the main objective to design and manufacture top-quality industrial laser cutting and laser engraving machines to meet demanding production schedules. The company headquarters are located in the beautiful lakes country of Minnesota. The facility consists of a modern 90,000 sq. ft. building with 50 full-time employees.

Kern Laser Systems started by supplying motion systems for the existing computerized rotary engraving machines. As the sealed CO2 lasers became commercially available, Kern incorporated its motion package with the laser, developing a complete turnkey laser cutting and engraving solution. Kern’s vision has always been to manufacture laser systems that will fit the customer’s needs, at an affordable price, with the versatility to suit a variety of industries.

Today, Kern Laser Systems is proudly owned and operated by the first and second generations of the Kern family. Our goal moving forward is to constantly improve our products, improve processing times and continue to offer our customers the best customer service in the laser industry.

Kern Brothers
Left to Right: Aaron Kern (President/CEO of Kern Technologies), Derek Kern (President/CEO of Kern Laser Systems)

Kern is a name you can trust.

KERN logo white

We wouldn't put our name on it, if we weren't proud of it.

Kern Family
Left to Right: Derek Kern (President/CEO of Kern Laser Systems), Gerald Kern (Founder), Aaron Kern (President/CEO of Kern Technologies)


Operating a factory in a small town in the Midwest certainly has advantages. Employees at Kern have the good fortune of knowing each other through work, family, sports and community activities. Bringing those relationships to the workplace combined with a great Midwestern work ethic makes for a dynamic and exciting place to work. Our quality workforce is who we are as a company for those reasons.

We take pride in not only building one of the finest lasers on the market but in developing and nurturing the relationships with those who buy from us. Customers throughout the USA and around the world who come to visit us witness firsthand the passion Kern employees have as they share their observations. A Kern laser is not just Made in the USA, it is made in the Midwest, in our factory, by our employees. Dedication at Kern Lasers is all encompassing and something we are fiercely proud of.


Versatility and profitability go hand in hand with a Kern laser. Changing from cutting light metal to plastics takes only a few minutes. Cut wood, plastics, leather, and light metal with one machine, with virtually no downtime.

A Kern laser is not the typical laser in a box model. Rather, the flat open surface of a Kern laser allows access from all sides of the table making loading and unloading of material simple. Knowing you can house one machine that gives you the freedom to switch from job to job is called being efficient. With a Kern laser, you can give yourself the tools to maximize your shop time and exceed your customers’ expectations. That combination is something most shops cannot afford to be without.



There are few things in life that are more important than one’s reputation. At Kern we build our reputation one client at a time. We produce top quality machines by technicians who are experienced with manufacturing lasers as well as customer communications.

Each Kern laser comes with a full 2-3 year warranty backed by our company. When you buy a Kern laser you get much more than a high-quality laser, you get our dependability. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customer base.


At Kern Laser Systems, we recognize the ever-changing world of technology. That is a primary reason why our research and development is housed in a new separate facility and staffed by a dedicated team of qualified technicians. Our reputation has been built on providing state of the art machines, backed by high quality service.

The passion we have at Kern Laser Systems to improve and develop new technology is part of our company commitment to our clients and to ourselves. Trust Kern Laser Systems to bring innovation to your business.