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High Production
Laser Cutting Machine

laser cutter and laser engraver

OptiDual - Dual Laser Cutting Machine

The OptiDual Laser System was specially designed for customers that require a laser system capable of high production cutting. The second laser is connected to the master laser by an adjustable bar.  As the master laser is cutting a part, the second laser will be cutting the same part just inches away.  Both lasers output power can be matched within the KCAM software. This ensures that the parts being produced are similar in size, accuracy and quality.

The OptiDual’s Y axis is powered by Kern’s HyperDual motion package. This includes high speed servo motors on each side of the table on a rack and pinion setup. The X axis has a linear motor and two precision rails resulting in fast, accurate and smooth cutting performance.


Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Anodized Aluminum


Laser Classification: Class 4 CO2 Laser

Laser Wattage: 100 – 200 watts

*Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.002″/ft

Repeatability: +/- 0.0005″/ft

Work Area*: 52″ x 50″ – 86″ x 144″

Footprint (W x L x H): 74″ x 87″ x 53″ – 112″ x 181″ x 53″

**Part Clearance: 3″

Electrical: 230v/1ph, 230v/3ph

*Mapped Table under controlled conditions

**Custom gantry heights by request.

table sizes all 2
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Dual lasers will double your production

With two lasers mounted on a single gantry, it allows operations to double their production.

What Our Clients Say

“I believe that your company is one of the best companies I’ve known in my 30 years in business. I could see for myself how you build the machines and how much care you put into the building. I was thrilled also of the fact that in order to start the machine there was no need of specialized personnel. I also thank you for the hospitality you have offered me during my stay with you. If today I were to buy another laser machine, definitely buy a laser machine Kern again for sure.”
Vighi A. & C. Snc (Italy)
Managing Partner
“Keith from Kern called and said he had a machine we might be interested in and we had a chat. Cabin Digital had a discussion and decided it was time to move on and make the financial commitment and buy a Kern. First impressions “Holy Cow! The Kern folks have a great design, factory and their acts together not to mention the folks are super nice!”
Rich Domikis
Cabin Digital LLC
Information Technology Analyst
“Kern laser has provided us an excellent machine, and has supported our needs very efficiently. I would recommend Kern laser to anyone. I was having issues with the laser accelerating out of corners too quickly and creating striations within the cut. Jake Shaw, a tech at Kern Laser, helped me by explaining how the laser operates around corners and then supplied me with effective information to correct the issue based on material thickness. As I previously stated, Kern laser has had the best tech support I have had. I will vouch for Kern and their team at any time.”
Max Martin

Case Study - Family Laser/Lake of the Woods Coffee

President and Designer Amie Roberts, along with her sisters Amber and Ashley, explain how Kern’s laser cutting equipment factored into rapid growth for their new company and helped them meet their goals of managing both family and business. By creating custom home decor and other gift ideas, along with a great social media presence, their business really started to expand. It took 5 years to upgrade to a larger laser system with more capabilities. As a result, Amie says they can produce multiple products on one system allowing for faster production times, larger jobs, and more time with family.

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“Our mission is to be recognized as a destination that provides a unique menu of high quality, customized laser and sublimated products made for our growing base of customers. We strive to operate a business that any family could be proud of. That means taking care of customers through quality products and personal service.”

~Amie Roberts

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Standard Features

Optional Packages

Metal Cutting

Kern’s CO2 laser format laser systems can be equipped with innovative metal cutting technology. The metal cutting option provides accurate cutting of sheet metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and brass.

Air Assist

High Pressure assist gas, such as oxygen, CDA(clean dry air) or nitrogen, is injected through the metal cutting nozzle. The result is a dross free cut edge that requires little to no deburring.


As the cutting process begins, the height follower tracks the surface of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z-axis maintaining a constant focus point while the metal is being cut.

To learn more about the Metal Cutting, please watch this video and visit our Metal Cutting page.



KCAM® is a laser cutting and engraving software package developed by Kern’s in-house software development team. Through years of research and customer feedback, KCAM has developed into an industry-leading laser control software.

KCAM can be linked with popular design softwares such as CorelDRAW®, AutoCAD® and Adobe Illustrator®, allowing for hundreds of file types to be processed.A convenient user interface provides operators with complete control of the laser systems cutting and engraving parameters. Kern’s customers have access to the latest KCAM software upgrades from our website.

Whether you’re cutting thick acrylic or a thin delicate textile, be ensured that KCAM will provide you with the laser control required for quick and accurate results.

A macro within CorelDRAW® automatically sends your artwork to KCAM® with the click of a single button. KCAM® is also capable of directly opening common file types such as .dxf, .pdf, G-CODE and many more.

Other popular CAD softwares such as AutoCAD LT®, Adobe Illustrator® and Solidworks® can be used to automatically load files into KCAM®.

Customized Pierce Settings. The dwell time, laser power, frequency, focus point and air flow can be set independently from your normal cut settings. This feature ensures metals are cut clean with minimal to no dross.

Air Control. Compressed shop air, oxygen or nitrogen can be hooked up to the laser system for optimal processing results on a variety of laserable materials.

Vector Path Speed Control. KCAM mimics a race car by slowing the cutting speed into sharp corners and accelerating out of them. The result is smooth, consistent cutting with the tap of your mouse.

Cut Optimizer. Decrease your programming time by letting KCAM automatically determine the fastest cut order for your most complicated designs.

Time Estimator. Provide accurate pricing to your customers by knowing the amount of laser processing time before the product even makes it to the laser bed.

Tool Offset. A simple inside/outside offset can be set to compensate for the laser beam kerf. This results in precisely sized parts without modification of your original part drawings.

Leasing & Tax Incentives

Kern has teamed up with Geneva Capital to bring you great new finance options. Financing makes it easy to get the equipment you need, while experiencing the benefits and tax savings of leasing.