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Maintenance Tip

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Maintenance Tip
Aaron Kern

How To Minimize Downtime With Laser System Maintenance

When’s the last time you had to shut down to wait for laser repair or maintenance? Whether you’re operating a laser out of a job shop, small business or for a larger production outfit, downtime due to equipment failure is never a good thing. Nowadays, profit margins are tighter than ever, and CO2 laser repair services aren’t always easy to access. By paying attention to

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Maintenance Tip
Derek Kern

Laser Maintenance 101

Laser systems are a large investment. Especially the good ones. And just like any other investment, laser systems come with some responsibility. Routine maintenance provides two key benefits: Keeps the laser system running properly and producing parts to the best of its ability Prolongs the life of the system components to increase ROI Paying attention to maintenance supports both the well-being of the laser machine

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Maintenance Tip
Adam Voigt

Maintenance Tip – Chilling Units

Longtime Kern Lasers employee, Jake Shaw, has created a vast library of technical support videos focused on installation, training, and maintenance of Kern’s laser systems. This week Kern is focusing on the importance of maintaining your chiller system. Common chiller maintenance procedures include checking for water leaks, cleaning/replacing filters and replacing chiller fluids. The five video links below highlight maintenance on the  Polyscience and S&A chilling