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Customer Testimonial

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Customer Testimonial
Aaron Kern

Cabin Digital – Customer Testimonial

Cabin Digital LLC is a small company in Fredericksburg VA. We provide rapid prototyping services to the government and commercial clients. About 18 months ago we made a decision that a CNC laser cutter/engraver might be a good next tool to complement our CNC Plasma cutter, 3D printer and the rest of our team’s tools. That started our journey and we share this with our fellow

etched wood
Customer Testimonial
Nate Korkowski

Work Smarter, Not Harder With a Kern Laser System

KERN LASER SYSTEMS CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “I found Kern Lasers, and it changed my life.” Spider Johnson is a professional artist and a proud owner of a Kern laser system. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing a video featuring Spider’s journey through both buying a Kern laser and operating it for 15 years. AUTOMATING MANUAL PROCESSES It all began when Spider Johnson was looking for a

family laser
Customer Testimonial
Adam Voigt

Customer Testimonial – Family Laser

Dad and 3 Sisters Start a Customized Laser Business See how the three sisters of Family Laser started their company, why they chose a Kern system, and how they use their system for custom laser cutting and engraving. President and Designer Amie Roberts, along with her sisters Amber and Ashley, explain how Kern’s laser cutting equipment factored into rapid growth for their new company and