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Work Smarter, Not Harder With a Kern Laser System

Work Smarter, Not Harder With a Kern Laser System

“I found Kern Lasers, and it changed my life.”

Spider Johnson is a professional artist and a proud owner of a Kern laser system. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing a video featuring Spider’s journey through both buying a Kern laser and operating it for 15 years.


It all began when Spider Johnson was looking for a way to increase production. As a professional artist whose work included hand-cutting wood with either a scroll saw or an X-Acto knife, his production capabilities were limited to how much he could manually process each day. It was around that time when Spider saw a laser demonstration at a trade show and started to wonder if a laser could be the thing to help him increase production.

“I needed to increase my production, and a laser could make identical cuts, which would allow me to make limited editions of my work.”


“I checked with many different manufacturers, and called them up, asked them if they had a product that would serve my needs, my particular needs…I had spoken with Gerald Kern, and he asked me lots of questions about what I needed a laser for… he was the only one of those people to go to my website, download some of my photos, and send me laser engravings of those photos on different materials.”

This gesture turned out to be one of the reasons Spider ended up purchasing a Kern laser, but it wasn’t the only one. Spider ended up purchasing a 50W 4’x4’ laser system to support his work. His reasons for choosing a Kern include:

  • Kern’s friendly customer service
  • The industrial quality of the laser
  • The open x- and y-axis on the table

“The most outstanding nature of a Kern laser, I think, is their customer service.” 


“When I was first unpacking the laser—this was completely new territory for me. I had no idea how to operate, much less put it together. The instruction booklet was great, but of course I had some questions. Every time I called, they were eager to assist, no matter how stupid the questions were or how long it took. And over the years, this has proved very beneficial to me. Because even after 15 years, I can call them up and no matter how long it takes, they will help me solve my problem.”


Although owning and operating a laser was new territory for Spider, he’s now had his system for over 15 years. Still, he can, and does, rely on Kern Laser Systems anytime he needs technical support, service or maintenance on his system.

“I had a recent need for tech support, called up and talked with both Eric and Derek. And this need, Kern over the course of 2-3 days, I would have to call and try something. No matter how long it took, they were patient, courteous, knowledgeable. And even after that long of a period of time, that kind of tech support, here in the good old USA is not easy to find.” 


“I would highly recommend Kern lasers over any other laser product for all those reasons. I think they’re the best company on the market. I think they care about what they do. The customer service is great. The products are very well made. The only problem I’ve had in 15 years was a control card that had some issues. I sent it in overnight for repairs, they sent it back the next day. It cost me $500. I can’t think of any other product, including automobiles, that I’ve had for 15 years, where the maintenance has only been $500. Kern lasers, they’re the best.”

Thank you, Spider, for sharing your experience with Kern lasers and recommending our systems to others!