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Customer Testimonial – Family Laser

Customer Testimonial – Family Laser

Dad and 3 Sisters Start a Customized Laser Business

See how the three sisters of Family Laser started their company, why they chose a Kern system, and how they use their system for custom laser cutting and engraving.

President and Designer Amie Roberts, along with her sisters Amber and Ashley, explain how Kern’s laser cutting equipment factored into rapid growth for their new company and helped them meet their goals of managing both family and business. By creating custom home decor and other gift ideas, along with a great social media presence, their business really started to expand. It took 5 years to upgrade to a larger laser system with more capabilities. As a result, Amie says they can produce multiple products on one system allowing for faster production times, larger jobs, and more time with family.

“Our mission is to be recognized as a destination that provides a unique menu of high quality, customized laser and sublimated products made for our growing base of customers. We strive to operate a business that any family could be proud of. That means taking care of customers through quality products and personal service.”

~Amie Roberts

Family Laser