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Precisely Our People: Meet Mark Haataja

Precisely Our People: Meet Mark Haataja

It shouldn’t be a secret that what makes a company great is its people. Products are designed and created by people and services are provided by people. Now, we may be a bit biased, but here at Kern Laser Systems, we have some of the best people around. Our team members, at every level of the organization, make direct contributions to Kern’s success as a company. They are precisely our people, and we want you to meet them. Watch this video to meet Mark Hataaja, Vice President at Kern Laser Systems.

Mark joined our team as a Machinist and Laser Technician in September of 1997. Since then, he’s held numerous roles throughout the company, including Product Development, Sales, Research and Development Manager and his current title, Vice President. So, when Mark says he’s learned the laser industry from the bottom up, he means it.

“Putting machines together, fixing machines, providing tech support, research and development. Everything.”


Mark’s time with Kern has granted him a front row seat to the growth and evolution of Kern and the laser industry as a whole.

When he first began, Kern Laser Systems offered a single laser system in various sizes. Over the years, Kern’s offerings have grown to include six laser systems, all with different standards, capabilities and target markets.

“Because of customer demands, we’ve been innovative, make changes. Customers will ask for certain things on the machines. More speed, more throughput. Now Kern has multiple laser systems, each focused to a certain market.” 


Mark is a testament to Kern’s focus on caring for customers and employees. Kern knows that when your employees are well taken care of, they’re going to ensure the customers are taken care of too.

“Kern takes care of their customer, and it’s been the same way here as an employee. The Kern family is always taking care of us as employees.” 

Beyond Kern’s product line, it is their ability to care for and support customers that truly sets them apart.

“That’s what sets us apart, our setting the customer first. Our level of support surpasses any other company in this industry.” 

Thank you, Mark, for sharing your insights and expertise with our company and our customers all these years!