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What’s the Best Laser System for Cutting or Marking Metal?

What’s the Best Laser System for Cutting or Marking Metal?

When it comes to cutting or marking metal, there are multiple options to choose from, the two we carry are CO2 and fiber laser systems. Our fiber lasers are going to be a good choice when you’re looking to cut thicker metals and when you want to operate at faster speeds. However, if what you’re looking to accomplish is to cut thinner gauged metals,such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, a properly outfitted CO2 laser is going to have all the capabilities you need.

Yes, CO2 lasers can be outfitted to cut metal, it just requires the addition of a metal cutting option. You can learn more about this option here.

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There are multiple industries where people are looking for a laser for cutting thin-gauge metal. And even more of them want a laser system with the versatility to go from cutting metal to working with other materials like wood, acrylic, glass and leather. The great news is, CO2 lasers can provide that level of versatility.


If we look at a thicker, more reflective metal, like ¼ in. aluminum, the size of CO2 lasers we offer are not going to be able to process it. Instead, it’s going to require a high-powered fiber laser. Another option for that material might not be a laser at all.


When the goal is engraving, what a laser needs to accomplish is getting depth into the surface of the metal. But many operators asking for the capabilities to laser engrave metal are actually looking for the ability to etch and mark metal. This is where it can be helpful to contact us and talk through what materials you’re using and what effect you’re looking to achieve.

It’s worth noting there are lower wattage fiber lasers that are made specifically for marking metals. However, They’re usually not capable of cutting through the metal material.


When you’re looking at the Kern lineup of laser systems, all but one of them is going to give you the capability to process metal.

The FiberCELL is the single fiber laser we offer. The FiberCELL come in wattages from 1kW to 3kW, and comes standard with the metal cutting option and is capable of cutting and processing thicker types of metal material.

The CO2 laser systems we offer that are compatible with the metal cutting option are:

For individuals interested in the versatility of being able to process mild steels and other materials like wood, foam, acrylic, leather and more, these four lasers are able to provide that versatility. They can be outfitted to cut metal material with relative ease, and they can turn right around and process non-metal materials too.