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New Year, New Model: 52” x 100” FiberCELL and LaserCELL Models

New Year, New Model: 52” x 100” FiberCELL and LaserCELL Models

We are happy to announce the release of new versions of our FiberCELL and LaserCELL laser systems with 52” x 100” laser tables. These larger format configurations will be available in addition to the existing 52” x 50” versions of each model.

52” x 100” is our most popular size for laser systems, including our entry-level EcoFlex and flagship Optiflex systems. This size allows for easy processing of materials in standard sheet sizes of 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’. Coupling this cutting table format with our enclosed FiberCELL and LaserCELL systems makes for two incredibly versatile and efficient machines.

The new versions of the FiberCELL and LaserCELL will also boast a few new upgraded features to make the loading and unloading of material a breeze. The biggest change is the addition of automatic roll-up doors. The original enclosure doors were manually operated, while the new doors are twice as long, push-button operated, and powered by an electric motor. It is also possible to side-load sheets of material into these enclosures. This means a forklift or other material handling equipment can be positioned to the side of the machine and used to load material sheets for processing more efficiently than would be possible by hand.

The FiberCELL and LaserCELL are both Class 2 laser systems because they feature complete housing around the processing bed. The Laser Institute offers detailed information on laser safety classification. For Class 2 lasers, momentary viewing of the laser’s light (from outside the enclosure, in this case) is considered non-hazardous.

LaserCELL 100Thanks to their enclosures, the FiberCELL and LaserCELL can be installed in locations where Class 4 lasers cannot. For example, in a busy production area, there may be employees working with and without safety glasses. With an unenclosed laser system, especially one with output power like the FiberCELL or LaserCELL, everyone working in the production area would need to wear glasses, even if they are working on other machinery that does not require them to. A complete safety enclosure around the laser system eliminates this need.

Safety enclosures also offer a level of environmental control desirable in business and university settings where lasers are commonly used. The enclosure can keep the smoke or dust generated by some laser applications from spreading to the rest of the work area, which keeps any other sensitive machinery nearby safe. This means more equipment can be installed in smaller working areas without worry. The enclosure contains and eliminates variables.

About the FiberCELL

The FiberCELL is a sheet metal fabricating fiber laser cutting machine built into a Class 2 safety enclosure. It can be used to cut a wide variety of metals, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, and copper. The FiberCELL houses a Ytterbium fiber laser with available wattages of 1 kW, 2 kW, or 3 kW. The FiberCELL also includes a slat cutting table in the bed of the system (and a CAD file for cutting replacement slats), sliding front and rear access doors, and programmable air assist for oxygen, nitrogen, and clean dry air supplies.

About the LaserCELL

Like the FiberCELL system, the LaserCELL is an integrated, turnkey laser system built into a Class 2 safety enclosure. But where FiberCELL units, true to their name, are fiber laser cutters housing Ytterbium fiber lasers, the LaserCELL uses a CO2 laser. We bill the LaserCELL as “the fastest and most productive system in Kern’s product lineup.” The LaserCELL can be used to cut materials including acrylic, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, wood, foam, and leather. It can be used to mark materials including acrylic, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, wood, foam, leather, and stone. The LaserCELL can be fitted with Kern lasers from 100 watts to 650 watts in output.

Several additional optional packages are also available with the LaserCELL: a metal cutting package with air assist and auto-focusing, a K-Vision Camera system to enable high-accuracy cutting of printed material, a fume extractor, and a pipe rotary attachment package driven by a high-resolution servo-motor, which enables easier processing of pipes, rods, and other cylindrical shapes. Both Chuck Rotary and Wheel Rotary style rotary devices are available, and our laser systems can be equipped with either (or both).