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Laser Cut Pipes, Rods & Other Cylinders

Laser Cut Pipes, Rods & Other Cylinders

We know lasers are excellent at cutting and engraving smooth, flat surfaces, but what happens when the material or object you want to work with is round? With the pipe rotary attachment option, flat table laser systems can process all sorts of cylindrical items like pipes, rods, canes, walking sticks, flashlights, tumblers and liquor bottles. Basically, if it is cylindrical in shape and made out of a laserable material, it can be cut or engraved with a properly outfitted laser system.


Our rotary attachment is compatible with every laser system in the Kern lineup. Adding a z-axis rotary to a Kern laser system enables operators to cut or engrave cylindrical items with ease. The rotary option can be removed when not in use, allowing the system to retire to normal flatbed operation. This versatility is key for many owners and operators.

Watch the video to learn more about the pipe rotary option and see it in action:


There are two different rotary setups available from Kern Laser Systems.

The Chuck Rotation setup implements a lathe chuck to firmly secure pipes in their place. A tail stock pushes up against the opposite end to keep the pipe rotating on center during curing. The tail stock is able to be adjusted on a rail to accommodate different lengths of pipe. Adjustments to the rotary chuck can be made to accommodate pipes with a diameter up to six inches. It is a popular option for manufacturers of motorcycle exhausts, large filters and pipe joints.

fiber laser cutting metal

We also offer an alternative rotary device that relies on rollers to spin a cylindrical item, allowing engravings to wrap around the entire outside surface of a product. Since there is no chuck or talk stock holding the ends of the product, the laser head has full access to the entire item. This rotary is a popular choice for engraving applications where the entire surface of the product is to be engraved. Adjustable rollers allow for the accommodation of different sized products. Common applications for this roller rotary are walking sticks, flashlights and tumblers.


As mentioned early, our laser rotary attachments are compatible with the full lineup of Kern laser systems. If you’d like to see this attachment in action, please schedule a demo. We offer both remote and in-person laser demonstrations.