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Kern Customer Feature: Etta Clock

Kern Customer Feature: Etta Clock

Etta Clock logoBob Malzacher started Etta Clock in 1976. After he passed in 2002, his son Tom went from working alongside Bob to taking over the business. This not only kept things at Etta Clock going but diversified the business as well. Etta Clock is located in Blauvelt, NY – about 20 miles north of New York City. They offer mainly hardwood products like clocks, plaques, ornaments, and personalized items. They also do UV printing on a variety of substrates, sublimation, CNC Routing, diamond drag and laser engraving, fiber metal engraving, metal casting, sandblasting, and 3D modeling.

“There are many things that make our business unique, but the personalization we offer as a one-on-one type of service really stands out,” shared Tom Malzacher, owner. “I do many things on my Kern machine as well as 3D engraving, which is not offered in many places. It allows us to design products we normally wouldn’t think of making since the machine can do just about anything we throw at it; it allows us to make unique products.”

3d laser engraver“I chose Kern mainly for the quality of the machines and laser tube. I have tried quite a few large-name lasers that can’t do the quality that Kern Laser Systems can do. I haven’t found any laser that can do the 3D designs I make in nearly the same quality – which says quite a bit about the machine itself, but the laser tube as well. I can also cut through thick material and the control and motion smoothness are exceptional. The control software works well with the machine and it’s built very well. If I had to describe Kern Laser Systems, ‘exceptional quality’ is the first thing that comes to mind.”

“When I took over the business, I had a few issues with our Kern Laser system – as many new owners would – and their service department responded quickly and took care of all of my issues. Nate and Rick responded as if they were in the next room. Just the quality of the product I get from using the Kern machine helps my business progress and opens my mind to other possibilities and designs. I know the machine will be able to do almost anything I design for it.”

“Basically, if it wasn’t for my partnership with Kern – their technology, machine, and support – a great part of my business wouldn’t exist as it does. I always try to offer the best product possible and the Kern allows me to do that. I have only had great feedback on all the products I make with the Kern – 100%. I know I made the right choice.”