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How to Cut Metal With a CO2 Laser

How to Cut Metal With a CO2 Laser

At Kern Laser Systems, we’ve cracked the code on combining low wattage CO2 lasers and metal cutting applications. Our customers have been doing it for years! Request a demo to see it for yourself or keep reading to learn more.

Here at Kern Laser Systems, we’ve developed metal cutting technology that enables CO2 lasers of 100 to 650 watts to quickly and efficiently cut metal. This technology makes thinner gauge metal material, like stainless steel, aluminum and brass, processable via CO2 lasers.


Our metal cutting option was developed internally by the team at Kern Laser Systems. It allows our customers to save time, lower operating costs and laser process sheet metal with intricate designs.

Watch this video to learn more about this innovative laser technology:

As you saw in the video, Kern’s metal cutting technology allows for laser processing of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other light gauge metals without the high operational costs of a large, multi-kilowatt laser.

In fact, the sheet metal applications that fall within Kern’s metal cutting capabilities have been known to shock customers.

edge quality

Here’s a cut edge comparison between oxygen and nitrogen assist gasses. These gasses are injected through the metal cutting nozzle, resulting in a dross-free cut edge on cut metal.

In terms of cutting capabilities, a 500W laser outfitted with the laser cutting option can cut:

  • Mild steel up to 4.8mm thick
  • Stainless steel up to 3mm thick (with oxygen assist)
  • Stainless steel up to 2mm thick (with nitrogen assist)
  • Aluminum up to 1.5mm thick

The metal cutting option is compatible with four out of the five CO2 lasers in the Kern lineup. The Kern lasers compatible with the metal cutting option are:

Once properly outfitted, these CO2 lasers will etch metal, providing stunning, intricate and consistent results.

The products created with our metal cutting options are endless. From control panels to interior design, our productive and accurate metal cutting technology is a perfect fit for your business needs.5