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Customer Spotlight – MX Trophies

Customer Spotlight – MX Trophies

A Custom Trophy Build

Do you have a need to process wood, plastics, metals and foams with one machine? Kern offers this versatility for a wide spectrum of customers and ultimately their imagination is their only limitation.

card holder

MX Trophies, a Kern customer, uses their creative skills daily to produce custom awards, plates and medals. The ability to personalize individual products to each event allows them to stand out from their competition. Here is how MX Trophies uses a combination of stainless steel and acrylic to create a custom business card holder.

  • .050″ stainless steel
  • .125″ cast acrylic
Step 1: Create and Export File

Within CorelDRAW, multiple cut-line colors are used to assign settings to the different substrates being cut. The image or text is added to areas that need to be engraved. Once the file is complete a simple export tool sends the creation to the laser.

steps to follow

Step 2: Set Parameters

KCAM software is used to set the laser power, speed, and other common settings.

Step 3: Cut Stainless Steel

Load the steel sheet and adjust the focal height of the metal cutting assembly. Enable the cut-line colors assigned for the stainless and click Start.

laser cut

laser cutter

Step 4: Cut and Engrave Acrylic

Install the acrylic processing head and honeycomb bed. Add standoffs to reduce flashbacks on the back side of the acrylic being cut. Load the acrylic sheet. Enable the cut-lines color assigned to the acrylic as well as the engraving option, and click Start.

stand offds

no back reflection

Step 5: Assemble

card holder

Suggested Parameters (250 Watt Laser):

.050” Stainless Steel
Speed: .75”/sec
Power: 90%
Frequency: 1000Hz
Assist Gas: Oxygen (100 psi)

Acrylic Etching
Speed: 50”/sec
Power: 20%
DPI: 300
Air Pressure: 12psi

Acrylic Cutting
Speed: .5”/sec
Power: 40%
Air Pressure: 5 psi

Watch the Build Process: