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Kern Customer Feature: Woodchuck USA

Kern Customer Feature: Woodchuck USA

WOODCHUCK USA is a premium wood products brand, focused on preserving and promoting the human connection with nature. They manufacture custom wood products, gifts, and custom wood packaging – plus, they plant a tree for every product they make. To date, they’ve planted over 3 million trees across the world in their 11 years of business! Impressively, WOODCHUCK USA is the first corporate gifting company to be carbon negative.

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laser wood engraving Woodchuck + KernThe business was founded with a simple mission: putting nature back into people’s lives. We are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth. Their passion is to be a daily reminder of the vulnerability of our planet by using real wood products and planting a tree with every product sold. WOODCHUCK USA’s way of making a better world for future generations is us bringing jobs back to America while bringing quality products to our consumers. “It’s not about us, it’s about our planet and how we can make a difference now.”

“I’m not exactly sure when we started working with Kern Laser Systems – probably around 2013 or so. It’s been a long time. We have 8 Kern machines now – they’re an integral part of our business,” shared owner Ben VandenWymelenberg. “Using their systems, Kern allowed us to create new products in new verticals and ultimately, diversify our business. If I had to describe them in just a few words it’d be reliable, responsive, and kickass.”

wood engraving with laser“We believe in a philosophy of American pride that started this country. It’s about reviving pride in products, pride in design, pride in manufacturing, and pride in the future. The fact that we’re making our products here in America, the choice we’ve made to make our product here – has a huge impact in and around our community, and across the globe. We love that Kern Laser Systems is not just made in the USA, but in the Midwest – like us. It’s an important aspect of our business and our partnership with them.”

Precision quality is another core pillar of WOODCHUCK USA. “Precision is a simple word, but those who know it are the ones who understand the true meaning. It means dedication to craftsmanship. This craftsmanship starts with design conception, goes into manufacturing, and lasts throughout the life of a product. Authenticity can be the only judge of quality. Using Kern systems as part of our process helps us to ensure every product we release meets our design objectives: be premium, bring nature into people’s lives, be authentic, and inspire adventure.”