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Application Tip – Paper Honeycomb

Application Tip – Paper Honeycomb

Paper Honeycomb

This product is an alternative solution to using standoffs, acrylic slats or aluminum honeycomb. Paper absorbs the laser’s energy and does not result in flashbacks or tick marks on the backside of the materiel being processed. Kern’s paper honeycomb features a flame retardant coating which reduces the chance of fires and prolongs the honeycombs life. This product is best used for applications with cut rates of .5″/sec or greater. Paper honeycomb is considered a consumable and will have to be replaced from time to time.  The following video shows a Kern Laser System processing acrylic on the paper bed structure.

Paper inserts of 52″ x 50″ are now available on the website. Please check out our other cutting bed options like the aluminum honeycomb, acrylic slat bed and various spacer options. logo

About Kern Lasers

Kern Laser Systems was founded in 1982 by Gerald Kern, with the main objective to design and manufacture top-quality industrial laser cutting and laser engraving machines to meet demanding production schedules. The company headquarters are located in the beautiful lakes country of Minnesota. The facility consists of a modern 70,000 sq. ft. building with 50 full-time employees.

Kern Laser Systems started by supplying motion systems for the existing computerized rotary engraving machines. As the sealed CO2 lasers became commercially available, Kern incorporated its motion package with the laser, developing a complete turnkey laser cutting and engraving solution. Kern’s vision has always been to manufacture laser systems that will fit the customer’s needs, at an affordable price, with the versatility to suit a variety of industries.

Today, Kern Laser Systems is proudly owned and operated by the first and second generations of the Kern family. Our goal moving forward is to constantly improve our products, improve processing times and continue to offer our customers the best customer service in the laser industry.