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Application Tip – K-Vision Fiducials 101

Application Tip – K-Vision Fiducials 101

The k-vision package is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that allows for accurate cutting of printed materials. This process starts with a nozzle mounted camera which automatically measures the dimensions between registration marks on printed materials. The following are a few tips to consider when creating registration marks.

vision table


The shape of a registration mark is a critical factor. The K-VISION camera can recognize a variety of shapes. However, the two most popular and accurate shapes are circles and crosses. Circles and crosses are concentric and work great as they share center points. All registration marks used in a file should be identical in shape, rotation and appearance.

concentric fiducials


Registration marks with good contrast between the mark and background are ideal. The most common configuration is a black solid fill dot on a white background. Image 1 displays a very good contrast, which will result in a high confidence mark recognition. Image 2 displays a poor choice of background use. Glossy sheets and low contrast sheets may require additional fine tuning for dot recognition.

lighted dots


The K-VISION camera assembly is mounted directly to the lens assembly. The camera has a field of view of about 1.5” x 1.5”. For accurate recognition, marks should be sized from .080” – .250” in diameter.

dot size


For every part that is laser cut a minimum of three registration marks is required. In general, the more registration marks placed around each part, the more accurate the final cutting result will be. When considering large parts, we suggest a registration mark every 6 – 12 inches around the part.

number of dots


The location of the registration marks is critical to achieve accurate cutting performance. Registration marks should be located on the outside corner extents of each individually cut part.

dot position

For more information on Kern’s K-Vision Camera System, please contact our friendly sales team.