James Salter, Owner, James Salter Craftsman

“Kern Lasers is one of the finest companies I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. From the start of the order process to the time last year when I had to send my laser module in to be recharged I can honestly say that I have never had any regrets about purchasing my Kern Laser. I have had to use the technical support twice in seven years (that fact alone should tell what a great machine Kern makes).”

Jens A. Sogaard, Computer Programmer, Trappist Caskets

“Always the great customer service keeps coming back to me. Brian Boe and Eric Johnson were top of the line people to deal with throughout the initial learning phase of getting used to a new machine. There has never been a problem that Brian or Eric would not be able to solve.”

Scot A Baker, Owner, Laserworks

“When I first got the machine Gerald Kern let me call him at home on a Sunday and helped me track down a loose power wire that was causing the machine to intermittently stop. Now thats dedication to customer service! I hope to grow our business enough to buy another one someday!”

Michael Worthington, Owner, David Michael LLC

“Kern Lasers provides quality engineered and manufactured machines, always available before and after the sale to provide support. Kern has always been there when we needed. Quality, industrial machines, that have provided very good production for our needs. Kern seems to be increasing the technology of their machines constantly, We’ve noticed a great advancement from our first machine to our latest.”

Robert Stremcha, Owner, Kustom Kraft Laser

“I own a Kern 150w 52×50″ table. I would not trade that laser for a whole shop full of anyone else’s lasers. Customer support is superb, and the equipment itself is very high quality, and built to run in a high-production environment with little down-time. The optics are pressurized: I only clean them about once a month! The entire table is a vacuum table, which holds everything from plywood to plastics flat. The beam quality is amazing. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I will be a Kern customer for life.”

Anthony M. Schimenti, President, Eurosport Daytona Inc.

“Since the early 1990’s until now we have been doing all fabrication in house. Since those early days when we first began, Kern Electronics has been our partner in the endeavor. We have grown over the last 14 years to having 8 lasers, all supplied by Kern. All of us here at Eurosport have found the design, delivery, support and pricing of Kern systems to be the best available for our needs. I highly recommend Kern for the beginning fabricator or the growing enterprise. They have been there for us over the long haul and I feel confident that their organization will be there for you when called upon.”

LaRita Wills, Owner, Designs and Signs Inc.

“The upgrades from the first machine to the new one are good. When we went back to Wadena for training on our new laser it was a very ‘welcoming experience.’ The level of efficiency and professionalism was apparent.”

Steve Notari, Production Manager, Gift Works Plus

“Company is very friendly and eager to help. Our laser was down, and I was speaking with a mechanic/machinist on how to fix it, but you were about to close. So, he offered to give me his cell phone number so I could call him after hours if I had questions.”

Sandra Force, Laser Operator, Country Coach

“I operate 2 Kern Lasers. The best is the quality of Service, the techs at Kerns are some of the most helpful that I have ever met. The machines are well made and hold up well. The two machines run 50 weeks a year @ 40-60 hours a week and have very little problems. Brian has been of the best of help any time that I have needed it. The company stands behind their equipment and keeps up to date on things that may need changed even after the warranty is up.”

Mike Lyons, Owner, Middlefield Glass

“Work horse equipment. Easy to repair – service. I value made in America. We plan on buying a new laser as soon as we can afford it – and will only purchase a Kern.”

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