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FAQ: Are advanced CAD features like nesting available?

Software nesting for laser cutters involves arranging designs or patterns efficiently on a material sheet to minimize waste and maximize productivity during the cutting and engraving process. Kern offers several options ranging from advanced nesting solutions to low-cost entry level packages.

laser nesting softwareeCUT for CorelDRAW

eCUT is a low-cost nesting macro, compatible with CorelDRAW, which performs basic nesting operations. Basic features include settings for sheet size selection, padding between nested parts, organize by color and sheet optimization/usage scoring. You can view the outcome of the nesting directly in the table view screen without having to revert to CorelDRAW. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can then apply all the changes and the file will be nested as required. Kern will pre-install this macro within CorelDRAW so it is ready for use upon installation of the laser system.

The eCUT software can be purchased from Kern’s website.


Striker Systems CNC Nesting Software is a comprehensive solution designed for enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of CNC laser processes. It offers advanced nesting capabilities, which are crucial for optimizing material usage and minimizing waste. This software integrates seamlessly with CNC laser machinery, providing a streamlined workflow from design to production. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy setup and operation, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced professionals. The software also includes features like automatic tool path generation, efficient sheet layout planning, and compatibility with various file formats. These features ensure precision in cutting, punching, or bending operations, and contribute significantly to reducing production time and costs. Striker Systems’ nesting software is widely regarded as an essential tool in modern manufacturing, aiding businesses in maintaining a competitive edge through improved productivity and resource management.

Other Software

Various nesting software options are compatible with Kern’s laser machines, each designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of laser cutting processes. A key feature of these nesting programs is their compatibility with Kern’s laser systems, as long as the design output is a .DXF, .PDF, .PLT or .NC (GCODE) file format. To better understand which software and file types work best with Kern’s equipment please review this webpage.

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