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FAQ: Which graphic programs are compatible with a Kern?

Delivering laser cutting and engraving files to the machines KCAM software is achieved by one of two methods: opening a CAD file or exporting a file from graphic software. Laser graphic software will, at a minimum, help to create vector files for cutting and raster files for engraving. The following are some of the most used software programs utilized by our customers.


CorelDRAW 2023CorelDRAW is by far the most popular graphic software our customers use due to its compatibility with both cutting and engraving files. Known for its user-friendly interface and robust features, CorelDRAW allows designers to import over 30 different file types.

A catalog of CorelDRAW macros has been created by Kern’s software engineering team to increase productivity. The most used macro is the PDF Exporter. This simple macro will send the file loaded in CorelDRAW to the KCAM software with a single click of the mouse. Additional macros include Lead-In Pro, Tab Pro and other nesting and custom CAD operations.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator’s name is synonymous with vector graphics. This software is a favorite among professionals seeking precision and flexibility. With its comprehensive toolset, designers can craft detailed and complex artwork that translates seamlessly into laser-perfect cuts and engravings. The compatibility between Adobe Illustrator and KCAM is further supported by our custom PDF Exporter tool created specifically for Illustrator.


AutoCAD LT is the go-to program for engineers and architects, but it’s also a hidden gem for laser enthusiasts. Known for its exacting standards and detailed drafting capabilities, AutoCAD enables users to design cutting files with precision and clarity. The final creation is loaded into KCAM by simply saving the final .DXF file into a folder monitored by KCAM. A .PDF file can also be exported to this same folder with relative ease.

Universal Compatibility: The Magic of .DXF and .PDF

While CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, and AutoCAD LT are standout choices, it’s important to note that any software capable of outputting a .DXF, .PDF, .NC (GCODE), .PLT, or .TIF file will be a great choice. This flexibility opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to choose the software you’re most comfortable with or one that aligns best with your project’s specific needs.

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