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Versa-Tray System

Versa-Tray System

This part tray system reduces setup and laser idle time between sheet changes. Simply remove the processed tray from the laser system, load a new one in and let the laser start processing immediately. As the laser is cutting, the processed tray can be cleared out and loaded with a new sheet of material.

Versa-Tray (Honeycomb Frame)

Crafted from durable aluminum, these trays are not only robust, but also heat resistant, ensuring they will withstand your daily production environment. The trays are designed to accommodate aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, acrylic slats and metal cutting slats. The lightweight trays can be handled by a single operator with the help of an adjustable tray bar.

A CAD file is included which allows users to cut replacement acrylic and metal slats. These slats are easily inserted without disassembly of the tray system.

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A modular tray system for quickly loading and unloading parts.

Aluminum Honeycomb

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This lightweight, low-density panel is used to create a flat work surface and works great with our down draft vacuum table to remove fumes created during laser processing. The reflective qualities of the aluminum honeycomb make it a durable bed option capable of withstanding multiple rounds of laser cutting.

Paper Honeycomb

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Paper Honeycomb is light-weight and effectively reduces tick marks on the underside of the laser cut materials. Best used for high-speed laser cutting of thin materials such as woods and acrylics. The paper honeycomb can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced when used correctly.

Metal Slats

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The Metal Cutting Grid is a coated steel or copper structure designed to withstand metal cutting applications that require an assist gas such as oxygen. A CAD file is installed on the laser system computer allowing individual replacement grids to be cut as needed. The grid work
is designed to minimize surface contact with the metal sheet being processed, resulting in a clean cut.

Acrylic Slats

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Acrylic Slats allow for acrylic cutting eliminating the flashback or tick marks on the underside of the acrylic. Replacement slats can be cut as needed utilizing the provided CAD file.