KCAM® is a laser cutting and engraving software package developed by KKCAM7 software logoern’s in-house software development team. Through years of research and customer feedback, KCAM® has developed into an industry-leading laser control software.

Material settings and system parameters are adjusted within KCAM’s convenient user interface. Kern’s PDF Converter Tool is used to connect KCAM with popular design software such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD LT, Adobe Illustrator, and more. KCAM is continually being refined and Kern’s customers have access to the latest software upgrades.

Whether you’re cutting thick acrylic or a thin delicate textile, be ensured that KCAM will provide you with the laser control required for quick and accurate results.

KCAM Features

Time Estimator

A built in time estimator automatically calculates the run time of the file loaded into KCAM.  A convenient tool for quoting jobs.

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Multiple Vector Layers

Multiple line colors are available with independently set parameters. Enable or disable a color with the check of a box.

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Load/Save Settings

A settings library can be created for the various materials you work with. Sort by file name or create folders to organize a custom library.

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System Pauses

A variety of automation pauses can be set within the KCAM software. Allowing for more control of the systems workflow.

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Array Feature

The array features creates quick copies of a single part and fills an entire sheet full of parts that are perfectly spaced in just seconds.

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Position in File

Need to skip ahead three parts or maybe move back 1.5″ in the current part? Not a problem with the Position in File settings!

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Additional Features

  • Bottom-Up & Top-Down Engraving
  • Vector Path Speed Control
  • Soft Home Positioning
  • Custom Pierce Settings
  • Multiple Modulation Modes
  • Vision Registration System
  • Cut Optimizer
  • Tool Offset
  • Variable Extents Engraving
  • Lead-In Control
  • Line Color Sorting
  • PhotoGRAV Compatible
  • Anti-Banding Engraving Mode
  • System Usage Log
  • PDF Exporter Tool
  • Machine Code Compatible
  • History Log
  • Laser Printer Driver
  • Power Density Control for Corners
  • System Usage Log
  • Vector Path Speed Control
  • Programmable Air
  • Manual Control
  • User Offset