Engrave glassware, panels, mirrors and more with a CO2 laser.

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Glass Laser Cutting & Engraving

Kern’s high-speed engraving laser systems will etch the glass a frosty white color with unrivaled detail and speed. Kern’s Large Format lasers allow for adequate space when engraving larger items like a glass door, or large window panes, but also engrave the smallest details on everyday items.

Kern’s rotary attachment option makes engraving simple and quick when engraving on any type of glassware.

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Glass Laser Cutting & Engraving Examples

Laser engraving is a fast and efficient way to create customizable and personalized glass products. CO2 Laser etching creates a frosty white image, permanently marked onto the surface of glass with no contact processing. On cylindrical items, Kern’s rotary attachment is recommended, automatically rotating your product while etching.

Common Uses

  • Shot Glasses
  • Wedding Flutes
  • Pint Glasses
  • Mirrors
  • Window Panels
  • Awards
  • Shower Doors
  • Branded Glassware
  • Crystal Glass
  • Bottles


The OptiFlex is a high-performance, large-format CO2 laser cutting and engraving system. This is the most popular and versatile machine in Kern’s product line.

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The LaserCELL is a high-performance, Class I (enclosed) CO2 laser cutting and engraving system. This model features the perfect blend of safety and performance.

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The EcoFlex is an entry-level, large format laser cutting and engraving system. The EcoFlex is well-known as a highly-productive CO2 laser system offered at an economical price.

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Kern’s Small-Format MICRO laser system can be equipped with the same powerful CO2 lasers as our large format models.

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  • Adequate space to accommodate large items
  • Engrave small details with precision
  • Rotary attachment option allows for quick engraving

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See and feel the precision of Kern lasers. Request a Sample Kit.

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