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Glass Laser Etching

Glass Laser Processing

Laser etching glass with a CO2 laser can add stunning detail to a variety of items like mirrors, windows, wine glasses, and liquor bottles. As one of the less expensive materials for laser processing, glass is a great low-risk material.

Wine Flutes
Shower Doors
Bottle Laser Etcher

Tips and Tricks

Mirror Your Image

Etching on the back side of the glass ensures that the small micro fracturing that may occur on the etched surface are not accessible by anyone. Make sure you mirror your image before laser etching so that the image displays correctly when looking at it from the front side of the glass!

Micro Fractures

If etching on the top surface is required, a piece of newspaper can be used to remove the micro-fractures or glass shards that are left over from laser etching. Crinkle up the newspaper and rub the etched area in a circular motion. These tricks are inexpensive and easy to trial and requires minimal clean up.

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