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Educational Customers

High Schools, Community College & Universities


Kern laser systems are used in every level of education around the world. From high schools to Ivy league colleges, Kern lasers are empowering the next generation of engineers and creators. This hands on experience gives students an up close look at how laser technology can be applied in their respective industries.

Educational discounts are available, please contact a friendly sales associate today to discuss which machine meets your organizations needs.

Universities and schools running Kern laser equipment.

Benefits to using a Kern laser for Educational Materials.

Our educational customers enjoy the compact size of Kern’s laser machinery. They can fit nicely into laboratories and classrooms.

The Class 2 LaserCELL and FiberCELL platforms are a popular choice among educational facilities as they can be installed in high traffic areas without the use of safety glasses.

Kern laser equipment is being used by customers in a large variety of industries. Not only are the machines a great fit for schools and universities but they are allowing students to learn on a production laser system that many companies around the world are using.

What Kern laser should I consider?