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Education Applications


Customized whiteboards can be made for a variety of applications. Teachers use them to mark student accomplishments, farmers utilize them to keep track of crop rotations and golf courses use them to keep track of grass mowing cycles.


Laser cut signs can be found just about everywhere, including schools, museums, commercial buildings and store fronts. There are many different sign making techniques used and Kern’s laser system can improve the manufacturing process. LED etched, channel letters, inlays and paint backfilled are just a few of the signs Kern’s lasers have helped create over the years.


Kern’s CO2 lasers are versatile to the point that they are able to process wood, plastic, metal and many other materials commonly used in production of scale models. A short focal length lens can be installed to allow for a .003″ diameter cutting kerf which is often required for the most intricate of models.


Laser cut and engraved clocks created with a Kern laser system.

Awards & Trophies

One of the earliest and best-known laser applications is creating awards and trophies. A large variety of materials will work great for this application, especially acrylic and glass. Kern laser systems come complete with the software necessary to produce the most professional looking product possible. It is common to etch a mirrored image of your artwork on the backside of the blank so that your etching shows through to the front side.

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Benefits to using a Kern laser for Educational Materials.

What Kern laser should I consider?