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Aluminum Laser Cutting


Laser cutting aluminum is a highly efficient and precise process, widely used in various industries for its ability to create intricate designs and maintain material integrity. Both CO2 and fiber lasers are effective for this application, each with unique strengths. Kern’s CO2 laser of 300 – 650 watts are ablet to cut thin aluminum alloys. The FiberCELL is available with fiber lasers from 1-3kW’s and are suitable for cutting thicker aluminum sheets.

Nitrogen assist gas plays a crucial role in the laser cutting of aluminum, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of the process. When aluminum is laser cut using nitrogen as an assist gas, the nitrogen acts to displace oxygen from the cutting zone, thereby preventing oxidation. This is particularly important for aluminum, as oxidation can lead to a poor edge quality with a rough or burnt appearance. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, ensures a cleaner cut with smoother edges and a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Moreover, the use of nitrogen can help in achieving faster cutting speeds, as it aids in the ejection of molten material from the kerf. This results in more efficient cutting with less thermal distortion, making nitrogen an ideal choice for high-quality, precision laser cutting of aluminum.

Marking aluminum with a Kern laser system is also possible. A laser marking spray is used to leave a dark, durable mark on the surface of the metal. Cermark and Thermark are two laser marking sprays used on metal.

aluminum laser cutter

Nameplates, Labels & Tags

Aluminum labels and tags are a widely used and durable method of equipment and asset identification. Cutting and etching of customized aluminum tags is an application in which CO2 and fiber lasers excel at.

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