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FAQ: Does Kern offer laser installation and training?

Kern offers several types of laser system installation and training to our customers. Successful installation is a key element to ensuring our customers’ equipment is running efficiently. Proper training also ensures a safe and reliable workflow is implemented.

Our installation team is cross trained to the degree that they will also be able to provide installation and laser system training. Training generally includes a safety overview, basic system operation, setup and calibration processes, application training and maintenance.

Kern will gladly meet our customers at whatever level of installation and training support they require. Here are a few options Kern can offer:


Onsite Installation & Training

A basic 2-day onsite installation and training package is a very popular choice, especially for new customers. Our installer will travel to your location and work with you to ensure a quick and successful installation process. A pre-arrival checklist is available which highlights the utilities that are required for successful installation.

Kern’s laser systems will arrive 90% assembled, this reduces installation time and allows more time and focus on training. Generally, we suggest the machine is spotted in its final location and all utilities are connected before our installer arrives. In this case, it will take our team approximately 2-4 hours to finalize the installation.

An additional day of onsite support is recommended if the machine is still crated, and utilities are not connected to the laser system when our installer arrives. Again, please ensure you review the pre-arrival checklist and schedule an electrician and other utility resources as needed.

onsite laser installation and training

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Kern Factory Installation & Training

Customers also have the option of visiting our factory in Wadena, MN to train on their actual laser system. This is a great opportunity to validate the laser system and get real time experience running the laser system before it arrives at your facility.

Our customers can also take a few hours at the end of their visit to watch our crating team tear down the laser system and prepare it for shipping. Many customers have found this to be helpful when they reassemble the laser system upon arrival at their location. Again, the machine will arrive 90% assembled and it is not a difficult task to complete the final installation.

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Online Remote Assistance

Another great installation alternative for our customers is the use of remote access software like Splashtop and a webcam or phone camera. This is a common choice for customers that have gone through the installation process on a previous machine and just want our team to double check everything.

Remote assistance is a valuable tool that allows Kern’s technical support staff to assist with not only installation but also general technical and application support as it is needed.

Online Installation & Training Videos

An extensive online video library is available to assist in the set-up and operation of the laser system. The videos start with the uncrating process and cover installation, training, maintenance, and safety topics.

About half of our customers choose to set up their own laser system with the help of these videos and our technical support team via remote assistance. This is very common for repeat customers that have gone through these processes in the past.

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Advanced Training

After the initial training we suggest that customers wait a couple of weeks or months to request advanced training. This allows customers to work through the laser operating processes of the machine and better understand the areas which they may require additional support with. We are always happy to provide individual training tailored to your exact needs.

In whichever installation route you decide on, please take comfort in the fact Kern’s support team will be standing by ready to assist you!

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