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FAQ: Are leasing and financing options available?

Kern Laser Systems has teamed up with Geneva Capital to bring you great new finance options on our laser cutting and laser engraving systems. Leasing makes it easy to get the equipment you need, while experiencing the benefits and tax savings of leasing. Geneva Capital specializes in creative leasing structures designed to fit your business needs. This means you will have payments and terms that fit your budget and business cycles.

Leasing offers a number of advantages:

  • Accelerated tax benefits: monthly payments may be deductible during the life of the lease.
  • Conserves working capital: Lower monthly payments mean more cash and lines of credit open for future growth.
  • Protect against technological obsolescence: Allows you to acquire more and/or higher-end equipment. Equipment can be purchased, upgraded, or returned at end of the lease.


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Let the IRS help you save money when you lease new equipment through Geneva Capital. Geneva will help you structure your equipment lease to get the best tax advantages for your business. Geneva Capital offers both true tax leases & structures that allow you to take advantage of Section 179.

How much am I looking at saving? That’ll depend on the details of your agreement. This example will give you a ballpark figure of where you could come in, and we also have a tax savings calculator on our website that you can use to get a closer estimate! *Remember, these are estimates and will vary. Please consult your tax advisor!


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Getting started with Geneva Capital

Geneva Capital has two easy ways to complete our credit application. Select the link below to use our online credit application or choose our manual form.

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