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FAQ: Are lasers safe to operate?

Kern’s engineers have invested thousands of hours ensuring our laser equipment meets or exceeds all required safety standards set forth by CDRH, UL, CE and ANSI.

Laser machines are assigned a laser classification, in most part, based on factors such as laser output energy(watts) and wavelength. Kern’s laser systems fall into one of two classifications; Class 2 or Class 4. Generally, the lower the classification, the safer the device is. However, when safety protocols are followed along with the many safety features implemented into the Kern machines, all of Kern’s systems can be safely operated.

The fully enclosed LaserCELL and FiberCELL are Class 2 machines. Laser safety glasses are NOT required for Class 2 lasers.

safety light curtainOur open-bed laser systems are Class 4 and require extra control measures to ensure a safe working environment. Establishing a Laser Safety Officer and wearing proper laser safety glasses are two of the most important protocols. An extra layer of safety protection can be added to our OptiFlex model by equipping it with our Advanced Safety Package. This includes a gantry mounted light curtain and safety bumper.

For a comprehensive look at laser safety and our advanced safety feature please check out our dedicated Laser Safety page.

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