I found Kern Lasers in Las Vegas I was there to look for an edge finisher for acrylic. And possibly a get information on some lasers.

As I walked around a corner I seen the 3/4 inch acylic gleaming where the bears have been cut out of. That was the finish I was looking for.

I came back and I told the company what I found showing them the 3d engraved wood. And even told them they were going to send us some samples of acrylic parts.



We got a 150 watt optiflex.

We got it all set ready to go I called Kern to let them know we where ready to go. Just needed training. As I talked to the tech I told them I had some experience with a cheap laser they explained that the software worked the same even though there was many more options that they would explain in training. Go a head and play around with it. They be here in a few days.

Training was very comfortable the tech was informative and helpful and he could see the prospects for using the laser for many of our products.


The machine.

Ok its built like a tank. No wonder why they told me I could play around with it.

The capability of the laser is endless with an open mind. For example the edge from a separation cut is prone to react to the glue used. This was something that was keeping the jobs away from the laser. But with an open mind. Well if the glue is a problem then why use it?  I did some prototypes with small cuts that lock everything together. With out the use of glue.

The ability to stop a job and cut a part for someone and then go right back to the job has been great a times


Customer Service.


Ok when you call most places for help on there mahines they asking you for the model number and serial number.

I call kern and tell them my name and the company and like magic they know what machine we have here and want to know how to help you.

The staff there is willing to help you if your trying to cut a material and you tried 10 different ways from Sunday to get the results you wanted and still having trouble. I called for help they asked me to send them samples of the material I was cutting I did  they replied with settings from power to air pressure.

I was not alone I knew this could be done but didn’t know how.

If you call and they have to call you back. They call back when they say they would.

Email this is usually a few day project right?

I have had email conversations of back in forth in matters of mins.


So after everything being said the laser not only changed the way we make some products. We have the ability to design products with the cutting ability of the laser. The waste has been dramatically reduced as the ability to cut smaller pieces.


Cant wait to get the next one.