Rich Domikis, Managing Partner, Cabin Digital LLC

“Keith from Kern called and said he had a machine we might be interested in and we had a chat. Cabin Digital had a discussion and decided it was time to move on and make the financial commitment and buy a Kern. First impressions “ Holy Cow! The Kern folks have a great design, factory… Read more »

Max Martin, Information Technology Analyst, Clear Image Inc.

“Kern laser has provided us an excellent machine, and has supported our needs very efficiently. I would recommend Kern laser to anyone. I was having issues with the laser accelerating out of corners too quickly and creating striations within the cut. Jake Shaw, a tech at Kern Laser, helped me by explaining how the laser… Read more »

Gian Luca Vighi, President, Vighi A. & C. snc (Italy)

“I believe that your company is one of the best companies I’ve known in my 30 years in business. I could see for myself how you build the machines and how much care you put into the building. I was thrilled also of the fact that in order to start the machine there was no… Read more »

Derek Frechette, Owner, Peregrine Precisionworks (Canada)

“The experience that I am most happy with is each time I had a question and called the office, I got someone I knew, and who also knew me. I never once got the feeling of being passed around. Every question was answered quickly and professionally. I felt very well taken care of. The topper… Read more »

Stuart Auers, Manufacturing Engineer, Exos Corporation

“Kern’s laser equipment is essential to the success of our daily manufacturing operations. The initial training was superb, and any questions and additional orders were handled fast and efficient. Great Service. I have sent sample material to Kern and have had great service with multiple options and details on the best way to utilize our… Read more »

Will Bohn, Laser Manager, Tupelo Laser

“I have had a Kern 150 watt (tested @ 180) 52×100 and have been running it daily for almost 2 years. With that said the Kern machine is a rock solid machine with no down time yet. Still using the original optics. Doing routine cleaning and alignment is the key to keeping any laser running… Read more »

James Salter, Owner, James Salter Craftsman

“Kern Lasers is one of the finest companies I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. From the start of the order process to the time last year when I had to send my laser module in to be recharged I can honestly say that I have never had any regrets about purchasing… Read more »

Jens A. Sogaard, Computer Programmer, Trappist Caskets

“Always the great customer service keeps coming back to me. Brian Boe and Eric Johnson were top of the line people to deal with throughout the initial learning phase of getting used to a new machine. There has never been a problem that Brian or Eric would not be able to solve.”

Scot A Baker, Owner, Laserworks

“When I first got the machine Gerald Kern let me call him at home on a Sunday and helped me track down a loose power wire that was causing the machine to intermittently stop. Now thats dedication to customer service! I hope to grow our business enough to buy another one someday!”

Michael Worthington, Owner, David Michael LLC

“Kern Lasers provides quality engineered and manufactured machines, always available before and after the sale to provide support. Kern has always been there when we needed. Quality, industrial machines, that have provided very good production for our needs. Kern seems to be increasing the technology of their machines constantly, We’ve noticed a great advancement from… Read more »