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Tom Bergeron | Clear Solutions Inc | Hinsdale, NH

“After everything being said the laser not only changed the way we make some products. We have the ability to design products with the cutting ability of the laser. The waste has been dramatically reduced as the ability to cut smaller pieces.  Cant wait to get the next one. ( after world comes back)”

January 11, 2021

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Michael Perrault, Owner, ExactBuilt

“The support from Kern makes your great product stand out again and again. Thanks for producing a great product we can count on!”

Rocky Gervasio, Plastic Fabrication Manager, Rapid Displays, IL

“Thank you for your incredible patience and customer service yesterday and always. You guys are a fantastic group! Other companies should pride themselves to provide that one on one service like you provide. We are running the laser full production as planned for today.  Thanks again.”

Steve Yates, Shop Supervisor, Zeit Company

Wow, thank you so much!! Your company has always been top notch. Love your Lasers and your service!!

Philip Beesley, Owner, Philip Beesley Architect Inc.

“I wanted to send a note of sincere thanks for the truly excellent work of your company. Our 50 x 100 table has become a mainstay in our research-production group, helping to open up a wealth of high-precision prototypes and experiments. We couldn’t have possibly developed these new approaches and created this material if it had not been for the extraordinary precision and reliability of this high-performance machine, backed up by unfailing service and clear, deep documentation.”

Rich Domikis, Managing Partner, Cabin Digital LLC

“Keith from Kern called and said he had a machine we might be interested in and we had a chat. Cabin Digital had a discussion and decided it was time to move on and make the financial commitment and buy a Kern. First impressions ‘Holy Cow! The Kern folks have a great design, factory and their acts together not to mention the folks are super nice!'”

Max Martin, Analyst, Clear Image Inc.

“Kern laser has provided us an excellent machine, and has supported our needs very efficiently. I would recommend Kern laser to anyone. I was having issues with the laser accelerating out of corners too quickly and creating striations within the cut. Jake Shaw, a tech at Kern Laser, helped me by explaining how the laser operates around corners and then supplied me with effective information to correct the issue based on material thickness. As I previously stated, Kern laser has had the best tech support I have had. I will vouch for Kern and their team at anytime.”

Derek Frechette, Owner, Peregrine Precisionworks (Canada)

“The experience that I am most happy with is each time I had a question and called the office, I got someone I knew, and who also knew me. I never once got the feeling of being passed around. Every question was answered quickly and professionally. I felt very well taken care of. The topper was having Derek and Amber come to my shop for set up, hands down.”

Stuart Auers, Manufacturing Engineer, Exos Corporation

“Kern’s laser equipment is essential to the success of our daily manufacturing operations. The initial training was superb, and any questions and additional orders were handled fast and efficient. Great Service. I have sent sample material to Kern and have had great service with multiple options and details on the best way to utilize our current equipment to cut new parts.”

Jens A. Sogaard, Computer Programmer, Trappist Caskets

“Always the great customer service keeps coming back to me. Brian Boe and Eric Johnson were top of the line people to deal with throughout the initial learning phase of getting used to a new machine. There has never been a problem that Brian or Eric would not be able to solve.”

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