Kern’s entry level MICRO Laser System features a small format work area. However, it can be equipped with the same powerful lasers as our large format models.

The MICRO comes standard with high speed engraving technology and a moving Y axis bed for fast, accurate vector cutting. Now everyone can afford the quality and service behind Kern’s product.

If you’d like to find out how a Kern laser systems can help your business, school or organization, please contact us today.

MICRO laser system
MICRO laser stand


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Brochure / Specifications


Work Areas

24" x 24" 2' x 2' laser table
48" x 24" 4' x 2' laser table

*custom sizes available


Laser Wattages

400 watt laser 250 watt laser 200 watt laser 150 watt laser 100 watt laser 50 watt laser


Standard Features

  • High Performance Computer & LCD Monitor
  • Closed Loop Chiller (100W and greater)
  • Exhaust Blowers / Downdraft Vacuum Bed
  • High Speed Servo Motors
  • 2.5″ FL Optics Assembly
  • KCAM Laser Software
  • CorelDRAW
  • 2 Days Training at Kern Facility
  • Laser Safety Kit
  • Laser Tool Kit


Optional Features

  • 1.5″, 5″ & 7.5″FL Optics Assemblies
  • PhotoGRAV Software
  • Aluminum Spacers
  • On-Site Installation & Training