Metalphoto, also known as photo anodized aluminum, can be cut to shape with Kern’s laser equipment. Applications for this material include nameplates, identification labels and equipment panels. The durability of Metalphoto allows it to be placed in environments where heat, abrasion, UV and chemicals may be present. Additionally, the Metalphoto product meets military specifications including MIL-STD-130N for Department of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications. Kern’s 400W metal cutting system is able to cut Metalphoto in thicknesses up to .063″.

Processed sheets of Metalphoto which contain an array of smaller tags can be cut to size accurately and precisely utilizing the k-vision camera system. Simply add registration dots to your artwork and the vision system will automatically adjust the cutting file to compensate for distortion and rotation in the Metalphoto sheet. The result is perfectly cut tags time and time again.

metalphoto 1
metalphoto 2