textile marker

K-Draw is a pen drawing solution add-on for our Kern laser cutting and engraving machines.

This system utilizes a pen marker attached to the cutting head of the laser.  With a simple software selection, the pneumatic pen marker actuates to lower position allowing the attached pen to draw designs on many varieties of substrates.  The pen marker can be equipped with a fine, medium, or broad tip marker depending on the customer’s application.  The most common application is adding a detail of pen markings to industrial textiles, fabric, and upholstery to indicate a sewing or stitching location.

The great advantage of the pen marker is that the drawing and laser cutting is performed in the same job file saving hours of time and setup.   With a washable marker you can also create numbers, patterns, and layouts for your laser cutouts that can easily be removed with water.

The K-Draw option is compatible with the entire Kern Laser System lineup.