Laser cut copper with Kern’s FiberCELL laser system.

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Copper Laser Cutting & Engraving

The FiberCELL laser system has the capability to process a wide variety of metals, including copper. Copper is a highly reflective metal, therefore, making it troublesome for a lower wattage CO2 laser source to penetrate or pierce the material. However, the wavelength of the fiber laser is easily absorbed into the material making it an ideal way to process this material.

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Copper Laser Cutting & Engraving Examples

Copper can easily be processed on our FiberCELL laser system. With varying wattages, the fiber laser is focused on top of the material to pierce and reach coppers melting point, leaving a clean edge, and dross free cut. The light of the fiber laser is readily absorbed into the material allowing for minimal heat burn, and allowing for intricate part cutting.

Common Uses

  • Jewelry
  • Architectural Panels
  • Copper Parts
  • Electrical Components
  • Stills


The FiberCELL is a compact sheet metal fabricating fiber laser system, capable of cutting a variety of metals.

More Details


  • Non-contact cutting process
  • No custom tooling required
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Clean dross free edge
  • Customize design and parts

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See and feel the precision of Kern lasers. Request a Sample Kit.

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